Operating Principles

The Early Learning Network exists for the purpose of focusing on effective practices to promote school readiness and quality early learning settings for Owatonna children.
  • Provide for dialogue amongst early learning providers on current assessments of EC needs and programs/services designed to meet them;
  • Provide information on existing community resources, activities and programs;
  • Provide a forum for defining "school readiness" in the greater Owatonna community;
  • Provide a directory of participants to promote access and ease in developing communication networks;
  • Provide professional develop opportunities, granting educational clock hours as appropriate for sponsored events;
  • Address referral protocols and confidentiality concerns for sharing student data that promote educational benefit.

Network Leadership
The Network will annually elect a leadership team.  The election protocols shall be determined by consensus of the Network at the Spring Quarterly meeting.

The leadership team shall select meeting dates, host locations, quarterly programs, evaluate professional development offerings, and survey participants for professional development needs.

Meeting Frequency
The Network will meet quarterly each school year.

Network Communications
Network communication will occur electronically whenever possible.  Owatonna Community Education will provide a host website for posting of meeting announcements, agendas, important links, relevant documents and reports of Network functions.