What to Expect at Screening

Minnesota State Law requires that all preschoolers be screened before entering public and some private kindergartens. This service is FREE of charge.

Early Childhood Screening is an early look at a child's development. The ideal age for screening is 3.5-years-old. This allows health and development concerns to be addressed one to two years before a child enters kindergarten. Nurses/teachers will ask your child to perform a variety of tasks to look at his/her ability to:

  • talk (communication)
  • think (cognitive),
  • use their fingers (fine motor), and
  • use their arms and legs (gross motor).
In addition, his/her hearing, vision, height and weight will be looked at during this time. The results of this screening will be discussed with parent(s)/guardian(s) that same day.

This whole process of screening will take approximately 1.5 hours. When you arrive, you will check-in and possibly receive some additional paperwork to fill out. Parents will stay with their child for each portion of the screening. First, your child will meet with our Nurse for the height, weight, vision and hearing screening. Next, your child will meet with one of our Developmental Screeners. The Developmental Screener will assess overall readiness and check for areas of concern. Finally, an Exit Interviewer will meet with you to review your child's results and discuss any possible actions that may be needed for your child.

If you have any questions or concerns about the screening process or its requirements, or if you have concerns about your child's development and he/she is not scheduled for screening this year please call (507) 444-7900.